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Meet villain Mario V

Bearded barber and butcher

Mario, please tell us more about yourself

I am Mario Vercouillie, born on 8th of May 1981. I live with my wife and children in Kachtem. I have two jobs: butcher and barber.

When did you start growing a beard?

I started growing my beard in 2014. I don't know exact how long it is right now, but it is surely long enough!

As a barber I really know how to take care of a beard. So I really take good care of my own beard. I visit the Schoft Barber. I don't have a favorite beard product. There are a lot of good quality beard products on the market.

What does BVBE mean to you?

I was there from the start. There was only the main Bearded Villains chapter and we decided to found our own Belgian devision.

We got in contact with Raby, then Jochen and Smetje joined. We started Bearded Villains Belgium together

What's your favorite...

Drink: BEER! I really like Duvel and Chouffe. Some stronger Belgian beers, and great quality!

Dish: You can spoil me with a good steak.

I also really like spaghetti carbonara.

Holiday destination: I like to go on holiday to Egypt in november. I go there to get some sun and do some snorkeling

Band: If it's good music, it's good for me! I have a broad taste in music: Adele, Rammstein,...

If you could trade places with a famous person or superhero for a day, who would you trade with?

I would like to be a superhero, like Wolverine for one day. Or be as famous as Valentino Rossi!

What is your wish for the future?

I wish you all the very best.

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