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Various classic Belgian and Dutch folk games will be available during the World Meet, which you can play man to man or in teams. You can choose between many different games such as ‘sjoelbakken’, rope pulling, the 'pudebak', 'untenbiljarts',... 

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Inktomatik Tattoo Studio is a modern tattoo studio that follows the latest developments and has the latest equipment and techniques. During the meeting, small tattoos can be done whether or not related to the World Meet.

Inktomatic Tattoo voorbeeld_edited.jpg

Mister Raman is a hip barbershop and men's hairdresser in the Ghent area that works according to the latest techniques and trends. Men from far and wide come to Mister Raman for a cool haircut or trimmed beard. So it's a unique opportunity to give your beard or hair a new cut at the World Meet!

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Tattoo Studio Aurora specializes in fineline, small tattoos and animal portraiture. The artist does not work in color, only black & gray. It is her passion to design personal, and custom designs. Aurora works exclusively with professional materials and as environmentally conscious as possible.

The 3 friends Bart, Sibert and Bert  (BENG!) are crack at their craft! And that is drumming, and they don't do it on drums but on trash, recycling material as they say themselves....

So we are talking about a recycling band! In their spare time they scour container parks looking for the right sound! They were among others to be seen as finalists in super talent in Flanders on VT4, in the semi-finals of Belgiums got talent on VTM, circus gerschtanowitz on SBS6...

Let the trash speak!

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Beng _400 x 400.jpg
Beng 1_400 x 400.jpg


Meet Carl, Koen and Yaron, the 3 photographers present during the World Meet.

Fotograaf Koen_400x400.jpg
Devos_Yaron_Portret-1_400 x 400.jpg


Participation: 10 € - gift guaranteed!

Category 1:

Full beard, ear to ear, from minimum 4cm up to 10cm max.

BVBE Beardcompetition Cat 1_1_edited.jpg
BVBE Beardcompetition Cat 1_2_edited.jpg

Category 2:

Full beard, ear to ear, from minimum 10cm up to 20cm max.

BVBE Beardcompetition Cat 2_1_edited.jpg
BVBE Beardcompetition Cat 2_2_edited.jpg

Category 3:

Full beard, ear to ear, from minimum 20cm up to infinity…

BVBE Beardcompetition Cat 3_2_edited.jpg
BVBE Beardcompetition Cat 3_1_edited.jpg

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Mister Raman barbershop
Tattoo Studio Aurora
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