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bbALS Useful Information

Coming to 'Beards and bALS 2024'? The following info might be of importance.

Location Plan

Location plan.png
  1. Apero Boules

  2. Flagshoot

  3. Underground parking with up to 1,850 spaces on 3 levels (€10 per day)

  4. Overnight stay possible at Holiday Inn

  5. Towards the city center (e.g., Irish Pub)


Parking Blauwe Boulevard
The parking is easily accessible via the exits of Herkenrodesingel, allowing you to easily reach the entrance and exit on Gelatineboulevard. Moreover, you avoid the busy city traffic, and it is the cheapest parking in Hasselt.

APCOA Parking Blauwe Boulevard
Address: Gelatineboulevard, 3500 Hasselt
Phone: 03 233 94 23

Rules of the Game

Jeu de boules 

The game of Jeudeboules is super simple, but a bit different than most people think. There is no minimum or maximum number of people per lane, but we recommend a maximum of 6 people per lane.



Choose your game:

  • 1 vs 1 (each player gets 3 balls)

  • 2 vs 2 (each player gets 3 balls)

  • 3 vs 3 (each player gets 2 balls)


Objective of the game: Throw the boule as close to the jack as possible. Throwing is done from the throwing circle. Both feet of the player must be inside the circle.


  • The starting player throws the jack.

  • The first player tries to throw the boule as close to the jack as possible.

  • Now it's the opponent's turn. They try to throw a boule closer to the jack. This can be done by throwing a boule closer or by knocking away an opponent's boule.

    • If successful, the other team takes their turn.

    • If not, the same team keeps throwing until they succeed. If all their balls are thrown, it's the opponent's turn.

  • When all boules are played, the winning team gets as many points as the number of balls closer to the jack than the best boule of the opposing team.

  • The team that won the previous round starts the new round.

  • The throwing circle is placed again.

  • The first team to reach 13 points wins.

  • If the jack goes out of the lane during the game, the round is replayed.



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