Avondmarkt Stekene - 16 september

Updated: Aug 4

Charity event for vzw Down Vlaanderen

Friday 16 september 2022 Avondmarkt Stekene

Practical about the day:

13.00 hrs: Building tent + bar + technical stuff Peke Cis +Joëlle + Jeroen + Veerle If you are available and want to help, reach out!

17.00 hrs: Start event 2 extra people to help the startup (minimum)

  • Your name here?

  • Your name here?

18.00 hrs: It will get busy now

2 extra people needed to help (minimum)

  • Your name here?

  • Your name here?

00.00 hrs: End + cleaning up

If you are still at the event, please help cleaning up. The more, the marrier!

What's in it for you?

  • Nice evening with your BVBE-friends

  • You're helping to raise funds for charity (Down Vlaanderen vzw)

  • Free card for food & drinks

Want to help? Contact Peke Cis or Jeroen.

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